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Rogues' Gallery of some Political Profligates of Africa—A Collage of the Corrupt!!

Mutating Monsters & Horrible Hooligans
Abubakar Atiku (VP left) and
General Olusegun Aremu Okikiola Matthew
(President right)

A double-dose of the debauched:They mirrored each other in mutual animosity and self-serving politics—Military cum civilian national pilferers. With a shockingly palpable hatred that embarrassed the nation and dogged their administration, as VP and President. They tugged Nigeria between them, wrestling fiercely to undermine and depose the other and resorted to insulting each other in the media. Both epitomized the worst about African leadership; shrouded in tribalism, unreservedly corrupt, they abused their positions even to the point of satisfying their sexual urges as degenates in high offices— each kept his harems of licit and illicit mistresses in hedged, clandestine, plush surroundings scattered around the world; never limiting their conquests to the delimitations of the local turf. They went global with their philandering as much as with their looting. Atiku the man with many wives has been implicated in many corrupt practices even with disgraced US Congressman Bill Jefferson in a bribery scandal. Living up to his negatively meddlesome reputation as the country's Pater Familias, Obasanjo a deeply primitive man, who has been accused by his own son for adultery with his wife, has tried to interfere in the running of the country, even fraudulently shoving in the current President in a farcical electorial selection.

Jean-Bedel Bokassa of the Central African Republic

This beast with an unhealthy mien distinguished himself shockingly as the Original Cannibal of Africa who dabbled in all things quirky, occult, corrupt and ritualistic. Another primitive and tyrannical megalomaniac, he styled himself the Emperor Bokassa. He treated himself by feasting on dead babies in his den of horrors— what an unrestrained beast—An unglorified savage hound.
Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe , the megalomaniac.

He is the fallen yesterday's hero with a tragic flaw, who turned today's tyrant. (The bête noire of The West & the nemesis of innocent Zimbabweans.) Robert Mugabe has raised his heavy clenching fist to land a crushing blow on his enemies. Having eradicated the middle-class, which was the economic class of the country— largely comprising White Zimbabwean farmers, he has shamed himself with a lamentable farce of an economy; with inflation at a staggering 100,000.00%. Zimbabwe is now a festering economic carcass; a country which was once described as "the breadbasket of Africa." He has turned his countrymen—intelligent professionals, into mendicants and refugees in foreign lands. But while his people starve, scrimp and scratch for survival, he fats himself from the feeds of the land; notoriously celebrating expensive geriatric birthdays in opulence and mocking defiance of his own desperate people.

He has terrorized and effectively maimed the opposition in Zimbabwe, as his country surges forward into a political and economic abyss.—Hopefully, he too will be swept off by murambatzvina, which he introduced—an effective means that gets rid of human debris.

Field Marshall Idi Amin Dada of Uganda.

Another nasty character!! This is pig ignorant Cannibal, Idi Amin Dada of Uganda. His is a face that needs no introduction; for he is in fact, the quintessence of the African tyrant in power. There is something extremely ugly about this lumbering beast—and that is not talking about his face. He is the genocidal rampaging bull, racist roughneck, a cruising bruiser and xenophobic ignoramus, who drove away non-indigenous Ugandans, foreigners like Indians, Israelis and Europeans from Uganda, leaving the country an economic shell of its former self. He styled himself the Conqueror of the British Empire , and turned foreigners into his beasts of burden, who carried him on a mounted "throne" of cheap wood. He was a suspicious and superstitious self-deluded dimwit who also dabbled in the occult, and ate humans ritualistically to maintain his "mystical invincibility." Even today, bodies are still being unearthed from the mass graves where he lumped his victims—those whom he did not eat. A half-illiterate, Idi Amin's self-arrogated titles scale any level of idiocy and would be hilarious if he did not believe them himself. From 1977 to 1979, Amin titled himself as "His Excellency, President for Life, Field Marshal Al Hadji Doctor Idi Amin Dada, VC, DSO, MC, Lord of All the Beasts of the Earth and Fishes of the Seas and Conqueror of the British Empire in Africa in General and Uganda in Particular. He was ousted in a coup, and he fled to Saudi Arabia to hide under a turban of disguise until he finally expired.

Pieter Willem Botha of Apartheid South Africa.

Commonly referred to as "The Big Crocodile" P W Botha is the Poster Brute for Apartheid South Africa. He is by no means the initiator of that inhuman system of segregation and repressive discrimination against the Black and Coloured South Africans. That dreadfully disgraceful distinction goes to the eternally accursed, maliciously racist, KKK, Dutch immigrant barbarian, Hendrik Frensch Verwoerd, the Architect of Apartheid, and also of the Sharpeville Massacre infamy. His bloodthirsty lieutenants in this inhuman crime are people like; The Killer of the Steve Biko Jimmy Kruger, the Nazi-loving draft dodger and cruising brute Balthazar Johannes Vorster etc.

But Pieter Botha the Afrikaner Krocodile and half-baked school drop-out, is the notorious PM of South Africa during some of its worst years of the 20th century. He fostered the system of discrimination and repression that lasted for about 40 years, consisting of the general paralysis and maiming of the Black South African population. With hardnosed recalcitrance and coldblooded indifference, the Crocodile refused to pander to the outrage of the international community against the continuous imprisonment of Nelson Mandela, even when the latter had caught TB and was very ill in jail. PW Botha is wildly regarded as a ruthless tyrant.
Apartheid signboard

Francisco Macias Nguema of Equatorial Guinea.

Francisco Macias Nguema
in his reign was a consummate brutal dictator who destroyed the economy of his country by excessive neglect of basic services and ruling with extreme repression. He drove out or killed two-thirds of his people and purged out any opponents by replacing members of the government with his relatives. In1972 he declared himself “President for Life” having morphed into an extremely savage dictator. His reign is characterized by widespread corruption and embezzlement. He was ousted in a coup by his nephew, and later executed by Moroccan soldiers—as no self-respecting Equatorians could defile themselves by killing such a human stain!

Joseph-Désiré Mobutu Sese Seko Koko
Ngbendu Wa Za Banga of Zaire.

Maréchal Mobutu is identified as one of the original Patrons of corruption and National plunderers of Africa. His is one of those notorious names which resonate on continent Africa with bone-chilling echoes. Having held power for an eternity, in potentially one of the richest nations on the continent—Zaire, he set about destroying the eoconomy, by enriching himself and his family, fostering tribalism and other divisive politics. In a wide-ranging Stolen Asset Recovery Initiative, a joint operation of the world bank and the UN, it is estimated that Mobutu stole approximately $5 billion from 1965-97. He overplayed his hand, and got swept off by a popular rising and he died in exile in Morocco, the natural home in limbo for such people.

Mengistu Haile Mariam of Ethiopia.

Here is a a very wicked man who wanted to replicate the holocaust in Ethiopia, by starving his own people to death en masse and buried them in a mass grave. One of the most evil men that the beautiful land of Ethiopia had ever known. He struck terror at the heart of his own people and they will never forget.

General Sani Abacha of Nigeria .

Disgusting Tyrant Abacha, was passed the Gun of Military succession when power got too hot for his predecessor Gen Ibrahim Babangida. He was the Chief of Army Staff under Babangida, wielding considerable powers of his own—a looming threat to Babangida's increasingly unpopular regime, until the latter bequeached powers to him in a "firesale" handover.

Abacha easily ranks as the mosted despised dictator that ever ruled Nigeria. As one of the rattiest on the continent he abused the national refinery as his personal cash cow, massively looting the treasury and stashing billions of embezzled dollars into private Swiss, Arab and French bank accounts.

As a heavy-handed dictator, his junta is renown for its widespread abuse of human rights. He used the arbitrary imprisonment without trial for years, and even murder, to put of circulation legitimate political activists. He threw them in jail on the basis of trumped-up charges—people like the former President, Olusegun Obasanjo, Businessman cum politician Moshood Abiola, the current President's older brother; Yar'Adua—who died in jail, and many others.

His reign was notoriously capped by the famous hanging of Ken Saro-Wiwa in 1995; a civil rights activist who was murdered alongside 7 others who were protesting the abuse of their Ogoni tribes people. A murder whose spectre sparked an international outcry, and which hung over Abacha head, putatively impressing a benchmark as the most evil act of any regime in the history of Nigeria. Nigeria knew its worst reign of military dictatorship, matched by civil strives, with the disruption of the educational system and the economy.

Nigeria was suspended from most international bodies like the UN and the Common Wealth—members of his junta were imposed a traveling moritorium and Nigeria became a pariah nation . He is now thankfully gone to his "Mecca," having died disgracefully. He was found slumped, stiff, overdosed on viagra on top of a couple of Chinese prostitutes. A death which sent ripples of pleasure around the world, and set Nigeria on the path of self-recovery.

General Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida of Nigeria.

Babangida is another military tyrant who bludgeoned his way as the strongman of Nigeria. A veteran coup plotter, he is implicated in ALL the military coups in the history of Nigeria. He also holds the record for trailing the longest "Transition program" dashing the hopes of Nigerians tantalizingly in a pretended attempt to hand over power to civilian rule.

His one most notoriously disingenuous act was to steal Moshood Abiola's victory; depriving the man widely-believed to be the winner of the only credible elections ever held in Nigeria till date, by annulling the results of the famous "June 12" elections. This act destroyed the transition process and Nigeria was plunged into the most notorious period of political impasse and economic hardship- He is a self-styled evil genius,—the devil incarnate more like. Disdainfully labeled the Maradona of Nigeria for his deceitful art of dribbling, he made himself powerful and wealthy by the grand larceny of the country's wealth. His regime characterized the glory days of military, where members of the armed forces weilded limitless powers like gods. It is alleged he has simply "wasted" his love and political rivals. What an evil man!

King Mswati of Swaziland

The King of carnality, Polygamy, Lechery and debauchery—-his specialty is corruption of the youth- simply an over-sexed nymphomonarch, drooling over young women; ruining their education and their lives with enticements of a life as a sex object in his Sodom & Gomorrah-like harem, that is the king's palace, bursting to overflowing with sex. While his country is strangled by economic malaise, and his people gripped by the scourge of the AIDS epidemic, the king and his courtiers ride on. The Ignorant Monarch of erotica sleeps— with a bevy of young girls, as a serial "marryer."

Bloodthirsty El-Bashir of Sudan.

Bloody El-Bashir wades in as the official house terrorist and the reigning butcher on the continent. He is the notorious genocidal ethnic cleanser, and the tyrant of Sudan who has turned Dafur into a living morgue and a concentration camp. Here he is with Wen of China forming new corruption ties.

General Gnassingbé Eyadéma of Togo

Another ugly practicing gory ritualist, voodoo priest, and half-wit who unleashed his own brand of unimaginable horrors on his Togolese people. Eyadéma turned Togo into a Jurassic Park of terror-- a murdering machine that sent thousands of his own people to their death in droves. While he also lined his pockets with the country's meager wealth. He distinguished himself both as the second longest ruling tyrant, and also one of the first military men who shot their way into power by coup. A dumb sergeant in 1967, he clung to power by his filthy claws for 3 decades ruling by the barrel of a gun. He has more than 120 children from more than 300 women.

Colonel Yoweri Museveni of Uganda

Slimy Bloodthirsty Museveni breezes in, his hands dripping with blood He is the famed architect behind all the wars in the East of Africa & Here with Wen of China forging new corruption ties.

Mohamed King of Morocco,

Personally not Corrupt, but his country is the hub of the desperate Africans from south of the Sahara. Morocco produces a staggering toll of cannabis that are sold on the streets of Europe and America, while his own people are gripped by the effects of it mass hysteria and delusion. Many Sub-Saharan Africans die in Morocco, trying to cross into Europe. The king should do something about it.

El Hadj Omar Bongo Ondimba of Gabon (right)

Muarma Kaddaffi the African Spinx of Lybia; (left) a man of many mysteries is here with El Hadj Omar Bongo Ondimba of Gabon, the doyen of Corruption in Africa Omar Bongo is largely seen as one of the most greedy pillars of corruption on the continent, and has been the subject of the most scandalous documentary exposés on corruption in Africa by a French media sleuth. He owns opulent Palaces scattered in exclusive parts of Europe; especially France and Monacco, and continues to plunder the economy of his country, in tandem with beating the record as the longest self-serving tyrant in power.

General Denis Sassou-Nguesso of Congo-Brazzaville

He is also one long-serving incumbent , Sassou-Nguesso of Congo-Brazzaville. Another political pillager and warmonger with Wen of China forming new corruption ties. After an eternal period serving as a military dictator, he was ousted in a political election where his hand had been forced to call for civilian rule. He retreated into his forte only to arm himself and his followers, to charge out blazing his way back into power in a bloody military coup. He is also the father-in-law of Omar Bongo, a long term friend and accomplice in corruption. His daughter is married to Omar Bongo of Gabon, after discarding many wives, just like his "father-in-law. " Omar Bongo happens to be older than Sassou-Nguesso. Confusing? Well, it comes with the territory. They have perpetuated their stay in power by a labyrinthine network of corruption, military might, and voodoo razzmatazz on their frightened people.

Yahya Jammeh is the national buffoon of Gambia

Jammeh blasted his way into power through a bloody putsch in 1994. The problem with such half-baked, near illiterate military dictators is that having catapulted himself to the peak, he starts trying God for size.
A poor soldier who is said to have had less than $100 dollars in his bank account before assuming the head, Jammeh raided the state coffers on his ascent, to a point where today, his loot has made him richer than the state he oppresses—following the footsteps of his light-fingered hero Mobutu.

His systematic plundering comprises land-grabbing, misapropriation of funds, and the acquisition of property by force and by fraud. He has coveted an expanse of the national coastline as his private game reserve—with a river infested with crocodiles, and the lush surrounding savannah populated by prides of roaming lions and other wild beasts which people claim are fed with the corpses of his opponents. In 2005, about 55 foreigners; Ghanaians and Nigerians are said to have been slaughtered, with instructions coming directly from Jammeh.

Jammeh, a half-educated serjeant soldier, astounded the world in 2006 with a garbled revelation that he had found a "foolproof" cure for AIDS; a bizarre recipe therapy that combines 7-herbs with koranic prayers. He however conceded that his odd remedy had its limitations; AIDS could be cured only on Thursdays and Asthma on Fridays and Saturdays. Jammeh continues poaching from the national coffers and his brutal forces continue their extra-judiciary killings of the innocent, maintaining the National Humpty Dumpty in power.

Paul Biya the incumbent Dictator of Cameroon

Paul Biya the maverick dictator and persecutor of the Innocents of Cameroon is one of the longest self-serving corrupt tyrants on the continent. A living fossil and a greasy political dinosaur, his reign is characterized by woeful economic failures, the gross neglect of basic amenities and the widespread abuse of human rights of his people. He is also a callous tyrant, whose mismanagement, misappropriation and corruption have depleted the economy of a once prosperous nation, pulling Cameroon dangerously to the brink of economic collapse.

Biya is politically a tribalist and administratively nepotistic with a deathgrip stranglehold on power like Eyadéma. He surrounds himself with a cult of fawning apparatchiks of his clansmen and praise-singers who benefit from lucrative government jobs where they have been known to loot massively. He has held the nation under the harsh rule of his evil thumb, and him, Cameroon twice earned the dubious distinction of being named the most corrupt country on the planet by Transparency International. His reign has been marked by the marginalization of the Anglophone minority, many of whom have fled the country

Half a century in power, Biya is still squeezing the helm of power by the scruff, having already tweaked the constitution once to perpetuate his rule, he has hinted at amending it further maintain his grip, making himself President for life. Biya's police and gendarmes could easily rank as the most rank brutes in the world and are known to have killed the innocent civilians, journalists, and opposition politicians callously. He brooks no compromise and suppresses protests and dissent with the most heavy-handed measures and arbitrary imprisonments. Many political dissenters have lost their lives just protesting peacefully against him. He rules with the notion that "L'Etat C'est Moi" His iron clad stranglehold on power, corruption and economic hardship has sent scores of Cameroonians fleeing out of the country.

El Hadj Ahmadou Ahidjo the first "president of Cameroon"

Ahidjo the first "president of Cameroon is the colonial Picked Poppet of Cameroon (Ignorant, semi-illiterate , tyranical, corrupt and now dead. He was a clueless imp who expired in exile, ousted by Biya in a Palace Coup, in cahoots with the hand of their masters in France who put them there)

Self-styled General Charles Taylor

Charles Taylor broke lose from jail in America, busing his way across the country as he fled back to his home in Liberia. He become the bloody loose cannon, warlord of Liberia, the house thug and the borderless decimator of continent Africa. He is also the scallywag warlord from Nimba county in Liberia whose thuggery knew no territorial boundaries during his reign of terror.

Touting his bloody trade he crossed from Liberia into Sierra Leone, to Nigeria and back again forming a ragtag trigger fingered militia, who erupted wars in his wake. He gave kids guns to murder adults and children, as a matter of initiation into his cult of murderers. He was nabbed in Nigeria, betrayed by his former allies who had given him refuge and handed back to the Liberians. He is held in jail; to defend himself in the International court of human rights for crimes against humanity.

Hissene Habré of Chad

Hissene Habré of Chad is one of the three military tyrants who have turned Chad into a country of internecine warfare. Another shameless dictator, people-butcher and the national thief of Chad

This is a vibrant topic for the village as an imperative of knowledge, which I hope will loutlast us all. This article is an on-going concern which will continue to churn out stories about the litany of shenanigans of the corrupt class especially of politicians in Africa. We are familiar with the things that drag Africa down, as a continent dangling dangerously on the precipice of collapse—corruption has ripped through the heart of our beloved fatherland; the only legitimate home for the Black race.

From Ethiopia to Eritrea, from Libya to South Africa, from Mozambique to Senegal, from Nigeria to Equatorial Guinea, from Congo through Cameroon, Africa has been crisscrossed by the contaminated blood of corruption.

We will like you to share your stories; about the plundering politicians siphoning national wealth to parts unknown, the police, government officials, the cheating market traders, corrupt teachers, lecturers, and holders of public office —everybody that helps to fleece the innocent who just want to live a decent life. We can banter about them like Africans determined to batten down the hatches that keep us down.
The list is by no means exhaustive...or chronologically arranged. The struggle continues
Thanks guys
Samira Edi.

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