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Evading The Skeptics and the Scandal Mongers

The cosy frisson that has existed between the 2 cohabiting Catholic Popes may be about to be shattered and the Vatican at the cusp of a huge schism. Like 2 polite mbanya's secretly competing for the affections of the same spouse, the world cup may cause a papal pandemonium. There's a risk of exposing an underlying rivalry between the 2 representatives of St Peter's at the Vatican; the previous occupant and Emeritus from Germany defender Pope Benedict XVI and the current occupier and Incumbent striker for Argentina Pope Francis. With their respective countries of birth Germany and Argentina vying for the coveted title of world champions, it is expected that each will be praying for his country to win, with the firm assurance that each has god on his side. Outwardly they're expected to show a united front and be the epitome of fair-play and honesty and generosity. However, there is more than the heartache and national pride at stake here. Whoever's side wins; the Argentinian or or the German will carry the day, winning a champion's prize more coveted than a world football title. He will get an absurd recognition as the spiritually superior pope whose prayers are answered and vindicated as the "blessed and highly favoured" one.

As each team is poised for the big finale, the fans are putting all their eggs in different baskets; the skills of players, the fairness of the referees and above all the respective papal spiritual entreaties in support of their teams. The big question posed by prayer skeptics is this; whose pope's prayers will go unanswered this time in a big way? Will they ever live down the rash of humiliation and mockery from the camp of atheists, agnostics, anti-theists and even other rival religions? Will failure mean that whoever lost lacked the spiritual nous of his rival, or the ultimate confirmation of the pointless exercise that is prayers?

With the African huckster and hack; prophet TV Joshua, failing in all the follies of his previous predictions; unable to convince even the most ignorant and his most fervent followers of the outcome of the coming finals, it is left to these Vatican royalties to pick up the pieces and show their mettle. Are they going to unite in prayer for a fair game, in hopes for the better team to win?
As the papal dilemma is played out publicly the world over, there seems to be a sleek way-out for these papal duo, to evade the scandal mongers and save their hides. Each can claim to be in support of the other's team. In which case, whoever loses will claim generously,
"My prayers have been answered, I was my brother's keeper, and I prayed for the other side."
You're, right! What froth! These two men are hard nosed supporters of football clubs from their respective countries. Pope Francis is said to be a card-carrying member of the Argentinian club San Lorenzo de Almagro, while Pope Benedict Emeritus is said to be an ardent supporter of Bayern Munich. If this is not an indication of their feverish support for football from their respective countries, then it is certainly a matter of their diehard patriotism. This begs the question, whose prayers for his country will go unanswered this fateful Dominican Sunday? 

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