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The Duchess of Muanenguba————————Samira Edi

Never play nice to a rattlesnake

Even when you think it’s dead, it could be playing fake

Push it with a long stick and dump it into the fire

Otherwise when your back is turned, you will feel its ire


Never give succour to a human mad dog

When it opens its yakking fangs, give it a solid flog

Kick it with a big boot, and dump it inside a gutter

It is rabid and psychotic – knock it out and end the matter


The only way to treat bullies is by standing up to them

Because they’re inferior to you, they attack you with their phlegm

Alone, they’re really cowards who can never survive on their own

Mentally they’re stunted, intellectually they’re under grown


If you’re attacked by a hostile dwarf, just watch it self-destroy

Old, ugly, lonely and wifeless, this intellectual midget likes to annoy

Trapped in a child-size —latrine mouth is misogynistic, bitter, and quarrelsome

This pitiful, broke, hate-filled aberration of nature is vile and very troublesome


If you meet a two-faced git who likes bedlam, tell him to fuck right off

This naked emperor is human garbage—he’s savage and he’s rough

Keep this hypocrite at a distance—if possible by legal restraint

If you feel retaliatory, by all means, put on your own war paint.


Those who are bogus online are also bogus in real life

With a Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde personality, they’ll stab you with a knife

Bipolarity might be the cause of their multiple internet identities

History has also taught us that boasful loudmouths are just nonentities


When you dump somebody, please always watch your back!

You’ve hurt their fragile feelings—and given their egos a thwack

They’ll connive with all your enemies, to bring you to ruination

They’re wallowing in self-pity and vengeance is their mission


Always tread carefully around the functionally illiterate goon

This retard is a time-bomb—a raving maniac at full moon

Unfrocked, defrocked, never frocked, here’s a certified lunatic

If you can’t ignore it, silence it with a very big legal stick


Backstabbers are social outcasts and a menace to society.

They’re really just the jealous types, without any notion of propriety

And as professional gossip-mongers, they spread their web of filth

To warm their way into other people, by craftiness and stealth


The bigots are just ignoramuses, trapped with a tunnel vision

Their prejudices and hatred are the results of their self-rejection

Self-hatred may also be a factor in their hostile projection

Feel pity for these yokels, they’re still living a life of dejection.


Madness lurks in the minds of many online

Bitterness has consumed their worthless lives and they’re on the decline

They’re choking in their nasty bilge, while spreading their poison

These envenomed rattlesnakes online, have lost all their reason

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