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Assuming one such feathered creature perched on your rooftop and spread out its wings, what would your reaction be? Nobody honest has ever seen one. This fictional creature has been conceived in the minds of those who believe in superstitious hocus pocus, and people whose brains have been distorted by disease or illness or deep psychosis.
Religionists who display any whiff of broadmindedness and angelologists will admit to the increasing contradictions of religious texts, that the mere existence of this humanoid, further diminishes, rather than enhances the breadth and scope of god's omnipotence. For if indeed god is still in possession of his omnipotent and omnitient abilities, why does he need these assistant spirits to carry his messages to humans, when, with just one motion of his omniscient mind, he can initiate an act, prevent an accident or change a destiny?
One must state it plainly. Where in the hierarchy of divinities does the angel find a rank?  It would appear at a very modest perch. If indeed there was to be such a creature, possessed as it were, with those supernatural capacities as those who believe in them claim they are, and its abode was in heaven, does it really need those angelic wings as a mode of transport to descend to earth? Here's a spirit that has been credited with some very awe-inspiring feats. Just to cite a few: Stopping a raging ball of fire from advancing on a christian, in a burning plane once! Diverting an approaching deadly truck from ramming into the small car of a pious christian family, thereby averting a fatality! Revealing to a prayerful mother, the true diabolical identity of a smiling witch in the guise of her son's beautiful, lovely fiancée! Preventing a very sick person from dying, by blocking their  premature ascent into heaventhe accounts are innumerable and each narrative more impressive than the last. Always, if these stories are investigated a tad, they are traced back to the lips of a person whose mind has recently suffered a trauma.
It invites another question, what is the sex and race of an angel? One must admit to the ludicrous depictions of this creature of fiction. Usually it is in the comely figure of a white female or a rosy cheeked wide-eyed white cherub with golden bangs. They're never old. If someone saw a feathered creature, gnarled, ugly and old, it must be a witch --or a male angel sent to do god's tidings.
Here's the caveate. What is the value of an angel, if our destinies were already well-mapped from cradle to grave by god? That is the question I ask those who believe in the supernatural beings. Which further invokes the concept of devils, ghosts, demons and other such fictional creatures. If you believe in angels, do you believe in ghosts too? Along those lines, why did god create ghosts, only to make them do wicked things, and create angels to do good things? If these two creatures are doing exactly what god created them to do, is there something wrong with god's creation? Are angels made by god or they're the souls of dead people who once existed?
For some people, the word "angel" is just a metaphor. I am compelled to remark that if humanity had not been made to be frightened and be anxous in the dark, fear the unknown, death, illnesses and diseases, geographical phenomena like volcanos, and floods, there will be no belief in angels.

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