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Ivanka Trump Accused of Theft: Like Father Like Daughter.

Italian shoe brand Aquazzura has put Ivanka Trump on blast, accusing her of  brazen daylight robbery. With eye-popping pictorial evidence the high end shoe designer called out the daughter of real estate mogul turned politician; Donald Trump, Ivanka Trump of shamelessly flogging fake footwear, after copying their  designs and making identical but inferior Chinese-made knockoffs.  In a scathing twitter post, the established European shoe bran embarrassed the daughter of Donald, accusing her of theft. They also hit Ms Trump with a Federal Lawsuit, citing fraudulent trade infringement, dishonest competition, and deceptive trade practices. Served with pictorial evidence, Aquazzura was able to demonstrate that Ivanka Trump's range of footwear are scandalously fake and inferior copies of their prized high end designs and her theft covers a breathtaking reach of stolen designs from stilettos and sandals  to pumps and wedges, which she passes off as hers in the States.

Anyone with a casual eye for quality can easily distinguish Ivanka's cheap copies from Aquazzura's high quality brands. That said, Aquazzura is not the only shoe brand which caught the spawn of Donald Trump's pilfering fingers in their cookie jar. Another shoe CEO Derek Lam, was one of the first to accuse Donald Trump's daughter of blatant theft. She was accused of stealing a major design in their bestsellers; a wedge sandal, dating back since 2011. It may seem thievery is a inherently woven in the biology of the Trumps. The current pater familias; Donald Trump has himself been accuse of blatant thievery. He once boasted of selling land to Muammar Ghaddafi at the usurious pricing of 100 times its value, and still refused the Libyan Leader from ever using it. His father, Fred Trump, who began his business life as a carpenter was prosecuted for profiteering form public contracts and other shady dealings, including a connection to the KKK which gave him cover.

Back to Ivanka, check these out.

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