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                   Miss Brenda Anastasie Eyenga Biya

There’s something particularly dementing when old men obsess over the vagaries of the life of an 18 year old girl, a girl, who could easily be of the same age as their granddaughter. It is deeply unsettling, when you read the vile opinions of men who seem collectively in a fugue state of mental derangement, who seem particularly interested in what this 18 year old girl in the 21st century does with her life—men who are so old that it is more than half a century since they forgot what they did at that age—men who have no business with the actions of a young lady, who in her own country still qualifies socially as a minor. Men, who are no angels themselves—who like bloodhounds, when a lapin heaves into view, have the penchant to pile over each other to express self-righteous outrage at a convenient target; usually a member of the distaff population.


In January, 18 year old Brenda Biya posted a video of herself to her Instagram account, narrating her ordeal at the hands of a white Limo driver in California. The girl felt she had been racially abused. Irrespective of her last name, the victim of racism—especially in the good old USA, usually gets a sympathetic ear with minority communities (they’ve been there too)—especially when they realise it involves a young, black immigrant girl, for whom English is a second language. Indeed, far from exculpating her part in the little saga, Brenda admitted to being “a hot head that she is.” Hence, when the driver began to annoy her, she gave him sarcastic retorts to his racist undertones. I know how that happens.


Ms Brenda gives her account of the event with the Limo driver.

Some Cameroonians have been, comme d’habitude, to say that least, orgasmically masturbating gleefully at the "malaise" that may have befallen the young lady. When another defiant video of the girl appeared online, where she seemed to be puffing out copious quantities of fumes, their elation couldn’t be contained—and they vindicated themselves by attributing her “bad behaviour,” to her parents. You’d think that some Cameroonians would discard the crimson midst that usually beclouds their ethnocentric spectacles, to give an objective view of an evolving situation. Far from it. From the collection of masculine muscularity that leaned heavily on the neck of poor girl, you could easily deduce that political weirdness had trumped every fibre or humane impulses that once lingered in the minds of those who never had any humanity in the first place.


At 18 or even older, many Cameroonians/Africans make mistakes—the society lacks the institutions [even at statutory level] to address the mores and characteristic behaviour of the teenager. Any psychologist will correctly identify the troubling juvenile years, when the riotous, adolescence hormonal imbalances play havoc with their behaviour, leading to acts of delinquency that take precedence over rational thinking. How many 18 year old Cameroonian girls are mentally emancipated, to a point of independence or guardianship of either their parents or other relatives? I don’t know any.


Sexist attitudes among some African men is notorious—age, education or ethnicity are no indices to determine who could, by any likelihood or appearance be masochistically misogynist—especially in our parochial and patriarchal African societies, where patronising pontificatinon seems to be the accepted norm. Women are fair game—and there's form in this egregious behaviour.It is not unusual to read instances where the female victim of a rape is blamed for the bad-luck that befell her, attributable to her lack of a moral campus — or young women who are entrapped by sugar-daddies are labelled as prostitutes and the architects of their own misfortunes. It is as random a trait among certain men as there are men in Africa, simply because they are bullying, meddlesome busybodies and self-righteous hypocrites, who must make their victims feel and look bad, as part of their own personal fixes to make themselves look big, strong and good.


Such crass attitudes could easily have been stamped out, if some women did not condone the misogyny. We've read lamentable tales of African women who are in a state of mental indentured servitude, by their pathetic actions. Sorority be damned! So, we have our work cut out, unable to correct this continuous infraction, where one sex bears the brunt of discrimination, distinguishable by what is contained between one's legs. Two million years of evolution and we seem to be regressing speedily into the chasm of backwardness. NO!! I refuse to be told how to be, by men, who think they know what a woman should be like. I refuse all such intrusions—from the invasion of our wombs to our vaginas— mentally and physically. Enough already.

The freedoms that the internet offers mean that people readily lose their inhibitions, to give unsolicited opinions almost about everyone and everything, in the most lavish and salty manner possible—where they’ll normally chicken out, if faced with their victims. The democratisation of free speech offered by the internet; in the parlance of the age, now referred to as “citizen journalism” is a welcomed opportunity for all. But such freedoms take a dystopian twist when the same outraged hypocrites, who are the first to decry the deprivations they claim to have suffered at the hands of tyrannical leaders, exhibit worse traits than the dictators from whose clutches they “fled.” Now, they’ve picked up the mantle of tyranny with practised regularity—making everyone they fancy a victim of their self-inflicted bitterness, from the safety of their internet boltholes. I saw an email sent to some Yahoo groups about the social travails of this 18 year old girl, posted by one of those meddlesome and heartless old men, in hopes that his glozing of gossip-hucksters will echo the catcalls of his ludicrous fury and hate-preaching. I felt greatly outraged. For weeks, these self-righteous hypocrites had been peddling endless posts amongst themselves, vocalising and celebrating seemingly, the “moral lassitude” of this 18 year old. Indeed, they were celebrating the malaise that had befallen someone with the last name of Biya—regardless of the age of the victim. I wrote a piece to remind these men that they had no justification for their actions—which was rich in its hypocrisy and malicious in its intent, while delightfully mangling the facts. It is typical for such men to be spiteful and dismissive of a female. They set high moral standards by which women are expected to live, while they give wiggle room for themselves and their sons.They exempt themselves from the observances of any moral codes that regulate their own behaviours. This is exactly how many African societies have become fragmented. In some places, there is total lack of respect for women by men who think they are entitled to dictate and moderate the behaviours of the fairer sex while they live like unrestrained and feral thugs. It was no surprise that my email threw a boon for attack—one man in particular urged his gang to ignore any attempts by me  to spoil their well-deserved right to “jubilate.” While Brenda Biya was the actual person who revealed details of the incident in question, one pretentender of free speech tried to lay claims to the revelations of the details, taking credit for the exclusive, as if it was his professional duty to inform the news-starved populace of Cameroon about the quotidian existence of Brenda Biya. Funny that when matters of national import are concerned, we hear nary a pip from these self-titled journalists who claim it is their responsibility it is to "advise" the information-deprived people of Cameroon. But when tittle-tattle matters of the tabloid variety are concerned, they get all eager and excited and exhibit carion behaviours like vultures over rotten carcarss. They think it is their god-given mission to scrutinize the behaviour of Brenda Biya and regulate her behaviour, and in one person's words

“t Brenda Biya has been "biting quite a number of dogs" of late - all worth report....[hence] to stop madness (while it is young and tamable) before it walks into the village square on the village market day.

This vomit-inducing, toxic hypocritical view is even more shocking, when we know that such peddlers of online morality are neither professional nor the morality-police of their own lives or families. Mostly, they are expressing their deeply-held misogyny and small-minded expectations of how a woman ought to behave. There was no consideration for this young lady’s wellbeing, beside the need to hold her aloft, shame and excoriate her publicly. There was no taking into account the fact that she was actually bewailing a perception of racism on her. There was no need to look into the facts of the event—because with such self-righteous professional scrutinizers, they never let a little matter of facts to intervene with their fantasies. They throw their red herrings—moral failings—a guise to express their bigotry and extreme misogyny and the child of Paul Biya has become the latest stick with which they want to beat her parents - regardless of the consequences to the girl. And even though such overtly dishonest attempts to play to the gallery by making reference to the vaunted but discredited “African morality” was met with a tacit acceptance by those for whom it was designed to please, many people agree with me that old doffers trying to morally shame an 18 year old girl was wrong on many levels beyond the point of perverse depravity. Anyone who peddles such mindless meddling in the life of a young girl is disgusting worse than the people they claim are trying to stymie their freedom to troll. Heaven forfend that the daughter of the president should make one false move in the murky direction of a moral failing; the wrath of the immorality police shall descend upon her to smite the evil out of her!


Why are such men worse than the "tyrants" they claim are curtailing their freedoms? Because they’re blind to their own follies—preaching their rights to freedoms but infringing on the rights of a young girl to do what is prevalent in her times, while peddling their disingenous redherring about morality. And because unlike the tyrants they so readily condemn, these self-righteous hypocrites remain faceless entities, who on the morrow, distance themselves from the literary weaponry online while they continue to churn out their poison writ about their female victims ad nauseam. I have issues with people without integrity. I have issues with dishosnest people who peddle the autonomy of a lie to suit their purposes. I have a bone to pick with the self-righteous judgemental hypocrites who think that they have a right to set up an online Sanhedrin where they tear people apart. Get a flipping grip on yourselves and leave the poor 18 year old Brenda Anastasie Biya alone! You may think whatever you may of her, but she's more than just the president's daughter. She’s not your child, sister or relative.

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