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Any political bien pensant who ever followed my scribbles will be baffled as to why I, a leftist liberal and a raging democrat; usually scathingly critical of all things Republican—and Donald Trump in particular, would be stumping for Trump of all persons to become the Republican nominee for the 2016 US Presidential elections. Rest assured, I have not taken leave of my senses. The decision to support Trump to beat his republican competitors was inspired at a moment of complete sobriety, as the best possible outcome that sits well with my values. Recently, former failed Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney denounced Donald Trump's candidacy with a withering assessment:

"Donald Trump is a phony, a fraud, and his promises are as worthless as a degree from Trump University," to loud and sustained cheers. I beg to differ…

After the emphatic win by the Democrats in 2008, the Republican Party stared into the murky chasm of political despair. They circled the drain and contemplated a near existential oblivion. Threats of a festering insurgency from within came from the extreme religious rightwing called the Tea Party. If they were ever to regain political power, they’ll have to do drastic things to please this racist lobby group and to stop its tidal surge that threatened the party's implosion.

President Obama in The Oval Office

The GOP leadership, headed by John Boehner and later Mitch Mcconnell hit upon a mindboggling strategy to avoid a long interlude of political wilderness: Make the Obama Presidency Fail. With that as the motivation, they set about achieving their dubious objective with a single-minded determination, by thwarting ALL of President Obama's efforts through a full-on smear campaign.

In congress, the GOP undermined the President’s authority, torpedoed his efforts and tried to sabotage his administration. They blocked his appointments with repeat objections, stifled his proposals for the governmemt bailing-out of the car and banking industries. They tried to shut down his government by starving it of funds; refusing to raise the debt ceiling. With a determined musculature that defied the vaunted American patriotism, the Republican representatives in Congress almost brought the country to a standstill—the aftershocks of these political ruckuses were felt right at the dinner tables in homes across the nation.

In effect, the GOP controlled the government, while the people's dissatisfaction was directed at the Obama administration. The rise of the Tea Party coincided with the rumpuses in Washington between the Democrats and the Republicans with a spike in anti-immigrant rhetoric, neo fascism and open racism that was heard and felt within minority communities. The President of the United States; the most powerful man in the world was openly insulted by Americans, using racial slurs. Right wing media, like FOX News, echoed those hateful sentiments mainstream. If the GOP were to slug it out of a long stretch of political oblivion, President Obama had to fail.

In spite of the hostility from the GOP, President Obama successfully navigated the challenging concourse of America’s poisonous politics, and rescued the country from the brink of economic meltdown that shook 2008. He has also achieved all four cardinal reforms on which he ran for the presidency—economic, education, healthcare and climate change on a global scale. He brought the country’s troops back from Iraq. He bailed out the car industry, and stabilized the housing crisis. He took out America's most wanted terrorist; Bin Ladin. President Obama will go on to win another seismic victory for four more years in 2012 much to the stunned stupefaction of a disbelieving Republican Party, left reeling from its very axis.

President Obama normalized relations with Cuba and Iran--hopefully Congress will lift the trade embargoes. Inclusive of this, Obama has passed other laws that have eluded many previous administrations, and made proposals on techy subject like immigration reform and the marriage equality bill. In 2010 Obama cut through the grease of Wall Street to institute the Dodd-Frank bill which regulates all financial institutions. He has had to use the executive veto to push through some others, and started conversations around the campaign for equal pay and gender-related matters. The US today stands as the strongest economy, with the greatest military.

But that was not enough for the Republican Party. The unrelenting sweltering heat of hatred against the first black president of the United States is undisguised racism. In the wake of attitudes which hack back to medieval barbarity, the Republican Party birthed poisonous monsters — extremists the likes of crackpots and yokels like Christine O'Donnell and Sarah Palin proud of their ignorance and their small mindedness, nestled like vipers in the  bosom of the Tea Party to spit out venom. Ugly racist rhetoric, which had laid dormant in its nymphal stage, rose to the surface, emblazoned against a sitting president.

Not to be left out of this freak show of the shame-free, in breezes the polarizing, gaffe-prone, white supremacist and the world’s biggest narcissist; 70 year old Donald Trump or Chuanpu [as the Chinese call him]. As far as political psychobabble go, Trump is an infernal humdinger, fluent in guff. He is not very erudite and his ill-judged words have left the jaws of many unhinged in disbelief around the world, as he rips through the Republican party like a hurricane, with all the style and accoutrements of his crass taste and crude character.

3rd wife Melania Trump: America's potential First Lady from Slovenia.

Trump is hideously a vile racist manipulator,  a self-aggrandizing showman, a slimeball opportunist hypocrite, a depraved and craven attention whore, a self-serving political harlot and the embodiment of white privilege. He is loyal to no one but himselfand he has debased and devalued politics to the level of a pubic cesspit with a virtuoso rendition of both immorality and staggering ignorance. He is a political thug who incites violence, he is devoid of any diplomatic skills, and his gutter language is of the sort you associate with highway brigands, pimps and the uneducated underclass of criminals. He basks in his notoriety—impervious to shame, unaffected by circumstance, devoid of integrity and resistant to embarrassment. He is a rollicking juggernaut of extravagant exaggerations and a narcissist of megalomaniac proportions who uses negativism with élan. He is a first class racist who hates immigrants and minorities. He claims he is loved by his sycophants so much that they'll still follow him even if he shoots somebody.

Trump’s bespoke bullying apparel is called the Birther Movement. Designed personally for President Obama Trump now uses it as an attack misile for any political opponent whose popularity threatens him. It had a single purpose which Trump trumpeted into a deafening crescendo—delegitimize Barack Obama as President of the United States. From Obama’s birth certificate, his grades at Harvard University, his Christian faith, his loyalty to the country, Trump has fanned an inferno of suspicion against America’s first Black president. Trump’s hostility is rooted  in one word: RACISM. It is un sécret de Polichinelle that Trump hates black people, and quoting him directly, "laziness is a trait in blacks."  His open alliance with fascism is depicted in some of the people who endorse him: Sarah Palin, Ann Coulter, the perfidious opportunist of NJ, Gov. Chris Christie, and ultimately that illiterate demagogue, and unrestrained anarchist Donald Duke; the supreme war lord of the KKK. These are depraved toxic fascists whose words have echoed those of the world's most noxious fascists; Mussolini, Stalin and Hitler. Although the vulgar billionaire has spent much time in the media, nattering nonstop about President Obama’s birth certificate, the President has ignored him—even on the promise of a 5 million donation to any charity of the President’s choice if he produced the documents Trump craved.

When it was irrefutably proven that Obama was born in the United States, and not Kenya, the bloviating buffoon still insisted stupidly in a radio interview:

Obama’s birth certificate has a small detail which may incriminate him,”  he opined loudly “maybe it says somewhere that he’s a Muslim…?

The absurdity of that view is a metaphor for Donald Trump: he speaks guff and does not apologise for any Freudian slips. I am not alone in observing that Donald Trump lacks both the intellectual heft and the temperament that Obama posseses to lead a country.  Recently, he has turned the birther heat on his fellow republican, Ted Cruz who was born in Canada.

Donald Trump is not an intelligent man, yet, he is a billionaire. He owes his wealth to a bequest of $200m from his conman of a father and he has continued to con his way ever since to amass a fortune with impunity, just like the scam discredited online university which is the subject of litigation, for which students paid a whopping $35000 and got taught zilch. He pompously points out what he perceives as Obama’s failures, yet he is notoriously coy in identifying what is really wrong with the economy under president Obama. When asked what he'd do differently if he was in charge, Trump takes a circuitous route to throw vague and empty statements out, like the uppity conman that he is:

"We owe $19 trillion.” He points out, Boy, am I good at solving debt problems. Nobody can solve it like me."

Never mind that Trump has a bruising history with chapter 11. His business credentials includes  four bankruptcies, in 1991, 1992, 2004 and 2009, even though his favourite mantra is "I made so much money..." [But let's not sweat the small stuff.] Trump famously said to his daughter, while the two of them walked passed a homeless man huddled in the street corner—with Trump himself wading neck deep in billions of debts:

That man is a 8 billion dollars better off than me, because he does not have any debts.”

This is typical of the callous egomaniac who only perceives life through the concentric prism and the vagaries of his own comforts. He is a mean man with no compassion for others. The statement is also an eloquent testament of his incompetence.  The vague sound-bites that Trump throws out like morsels of rotten fish to his hounds of ignorant sycophants are just gossamer statements of refrain, that feeds belief in him, to make himself sound like a clever and credible alternative:

"Free trade is good, when we have smart politicians on our side. But our politicians are not smart. That's why you need a smart guy like Donald Trump," he says. Those are the kind of shallow flapdoodle he frequently makes to impress, but ask him poignant questions about free trade and Trump will struggle. Just like his empty threats to fight terrorism:

Trump however gives himself wiggle room when asked about his four bankruptcies; although to his list of failures can be added a mind-bending list of Trump’s failed business projects  .

"I came out great, but I guess I'm supposed to come out great. That's what I'm supposed to do for the country."

A more discerning man with a smidgen of common sense would have realized that putting their large face and tainted name to a product, is a recipe for diminished value. But Trump is blighted by his ego and clueless about why he is a monumental failure. While he may be filthy rich, I could bet my bottom dollar that Donald Trump owes his wealth not to his business nous, but to subterfuge and the privileges of his white skin. For instance, of Ghadaffi, Trump boasted:

I rented him a piece of land. He paid me more for one night than the land was worth for two years, and then I didn't let him use the land. That's what we should be doing. I don't want to use the word 'screwed', but I screwed him." He screwed the Libyan leader like he has screwed many the world over, including in Scotland, where he is now the most hated man in the land, having caused a whole lot of aggravation to devastate a village, in order to build a golf course. 

Trump's exaggerated opinions are a cloak to hide his incompetence and lack of general knowledge. He is an unfettered bully who resorts to insults to make his opponents feel inferior; in oerder to cover up his own inadequacies. His tough talk on combatting terrorism takes bizarre twists when he calls on a blanket ban of all Muslims entering the US, while he endorses absurd tales about mass-killing them with bullets laced with pig's blood. It is as crazy as Trump's lame brainwave which postulates that he can solve crimes in the US by building a wall, to shut out Mexicans. This is another impractical, hairbrained scheme that's as delusional as as Trump's political aspirations. When Pope Francis called his bunkum ideas unchristian, he blasted god's representative on earth by calling the pontiff "a disgrace."

Trump appeals to the insecurities of his sycophants, and making them the direct accomplices of his crackpot ideas. By psychologically exploiting the prejudices and the fears of his acolytes, he riles up racism and the xenophobic sentiments through sheer itriolic  demagoguery. By telling his supporters that Muslims and immigrants are the cause of their problems, Trump invites them to hate these groups. He therefor represents the gladiator who will fight relentlessly to challenge the status quo, and right the wrongs that they have suffered since The Immigrant stole their country. "Make America Great Again," could be translated as reinstate the whiteman in the Whitehouse once more. He will restore the privileges of the white race and put them back in charge of their entitled position of power. His call for the banning of Muslims is tantamount to inciting a physical extirpation of Muslims from the United States. When he invites the thugs at his rallies to commit violence against protesters, it is an expression of his own hypocrisy, for Trump has dispensed with political correctness in himself, but still stifles the freedom of expression in others.

Even though Trump is riding the crest of populism, he is in fact a lightweight politician. His rallies are a breeding grounds for stupidity and ignorance where he incites violence, racism and xenophobia. He is also, notoriously thin-skinned. He takes a rain check even on a minor grudge to be deployed against with maximum force at an enemy at an opportune time.  His rallies are a showcase of chauvinism, akin to his reality television show, where his bombastic rhetoric is to show off his machismo look at me; I am the master of your universe. He plays god before desperate contestants who openly massage his fragile ego, frightened of being fired, and desperate to be hired. Trump is a rank amateur whose lack of political nous is disguised in every trumped up vacant generality he passes off as policy:

 We’re going to build a wall.”

That wall is to keep out Mexicans, whom, according to Trump are the criminals of America. America—just as he wants to ban all Muslims from entering the US.

When it comes to offending people en mass, Donald Trump gives a virtuoso performance with unbridled bigotry. He takes a calculated risk of targeting the weakest and the most vulnerable mostly minorities and immigrants, with a huckster's glint in his eye to sell his bigotry to his gallery. He offends deliberately in order to ingratiate himself to white people who make up the bulk of his coterie of pinheads. He commands them to think and talk bigotry. It costs him nothing to be racist, crass, vulgar and politically incorrect. The more offensive he gets, the greater his popularity among his type of people. Left to his own devices, Trump will tar and feather all Muslims and minorities and put tracking devices on their ankles. The thuggish man of violence was so infuriated when Obama won his second term that he called for a nationwide revolution, for Americans to march to Washington and overthrow the government. He is a poison-spreading nuisance who make people hate.

Riots have frequently broken out at Donald Trump's rallies where he has called for his supporters to take out those who protest against him.

Justifiably so, Trump has been compared to Hitler, Stalin and Mussolini three of the world's worst fascists and ethnic cleansing bigots who went berserk over "the other." His call for Muslims to be banned from the US reverberated around the world, with one British MP labelling Trump a wazzock! Trump's candicady underscores the perils of democracy, and the Chinese point to Trump or "Chuanpu" the joke as proof of the failure of democracy. Mexicans say he is pollo loco and his effigy is used as a piranha to be gawped at and trashed. The Russians think he is ridiculous farce but a very dangerous one due to his uncontrollable behaviour. The Iranians think that Trump is an erratic recruitment sergeant for terrorists. The rest of the world collective thinks that Trump is a demagogue whose political ambitions are rooted in self-aggrandizement, rather than a desire serve his country.  Trump has become the recruiting sergeant for ISIS, the terrorist group. Even Pope Francis called his ridiculous idea to build a wall to block Mexico "Unchristian," to which Mr Thin Skin picked a fight with the Catholic Pontiff and called him disgraceful.

When Trump takes a break from insulting Mexicans, immigrants and Muslims, he turns his unfettered crassitude on womenwomen, some of whom he'll be persuading to vote for him. Added to all his other noxious qualities, Trump is therefore an outrageously misogynistic bully, and he is really the short-fingered vulgarian of whom observers speak. Talking about the distaff population this unreformed lothario has only two lofty views: those he can have sex with—including his own daughter, and those for whom he harbours utter contempt. And he has the derogatory vocabulary to match his sexist views on women "fat pigs,” “slobs,” and “disgusting animals.” are some of the terms he's labelled women. He said of his fellow GOP contestant Carly Fiorini; the only woman in the race, "Would anyone vote for that? Can you imagine that, the face of our next president?!" Apparently, Trump's best quality for a presidential candidate is one with good looks. No one told Trump to look in the mirror, though. 

The irony of Trump vs Women is that Trump is a lothario who boasts of his conquests, with claims that every woman is in love with him. Never mind that he was obsessed with Lady Diana so much that he flooded her with an avalanche of roses, until she got freaked out and called him a creep.  He has been thrice married, interspersed with a string of affairs, with slatterns even from the lowest rung of the morality ladder. Challenged by Megyn Kelly, the moderator of the first GOP debate, over his sexist insults towards women, Trump saw a red mist of fury. He has since mounted a blistering grudge-fest in a twitterthron vendetta onlslaught against Kelly, even urging on his supporters to boycott her show. Recently, Fox news made a withering denouncement of Trump's obsession with Kelly. Just like the king of mean mocks one disabled reporter who wrote "bad things," about his campaign manager, to the cheers of his praise-singers. Trump never forgives a perceived wrong.

Later at a rally, Trump's response to claims of his disparaging comments towards women was typical:

I love fat, pigs, dogs, slobs and disgusting animals. I love them and they love me. If I am nominated, I will win the fat pig, dog, slob and disgusting animal vote,”  to loud and gleeful cheers from his crowd of bigots, while he lapped up the moment  once more going scot-free. In the the next breath, this political thug was inciting violence against protesters as he nattered about "taking out" hecklers and "knocking them out." Of a protester, he said, “I’d like to punch him in the face, I tell you that,” while lamenting the absence of the gory old days, when lynching was common.

Donald Trump has a "small-finger complex"

Trump got riled by comments from his fellow GOP contestant, Marco Rubio, when the latter made reference to Trump's famously "small hands," during a debate. Trump was so enraged that he took political debate down to the pubic region. He is notoriously thin-skinned and insecure about the size of his hands, ever since the editor of Vanity Fair commented about them more than a decade ago. His ego does not take kindly to criticism, especially when the size of his manhood is called into question. Trump is notoriously boastful of his numerous conquests and his sexual process, so Marco Rubio's jibe was particularly galling. The vulgarian raised his hands to show just how huge they were, much to the shocked audience of television viewers. To me, they were full of 10 very stubby fingers. It was an unbelievable gesture.

The internet is awash with a litany of nasty things Trump has said about women.

It is nigh impossible to exhaust the list of Donald Trump's verbal iniquities. Undoubtedly, before the primaries are over, more excremental idiocy worthy of making people cringe would have tumbled out of the thin lips of the gaffe-prone, ludicrous cartoon character. Here are some things that the birdbrain has said about women: 

  • Megyn looks a bit like my old sweetheart Marla Maples. Maybe she wants a taste of the best sex Marla ever had, according to the headlines. That could explain the hissy fit whenever Megyn sees me.”
  • “I took the Fifth Amendment over 100 times in my deposition during the Ivana divorce case, mostly to questions about other women. So don't call me anti-women”
  • “When Marla and I really got it going (it was the best sex she ever had), I put Ivana in charge of the Trump Castle in Atlantic City so I could hang out with my Georgia Peach all week. When Ivana came back to New York, I'd head down to AC with Marla. Friends called it the "Asbury Park marriage" because that's where Ivana's helicopter and mine passed in the night.”
  • “During the divorce battle, I repossessed a four-year Mercedes I gave her even though the license plate was "IVANA."
  • “Look, when I was on the balls of my butt in 1990, and breaking up with Ivana, my mother Mary went to Ivana's birthday party and skipped my big blast at one of my casinos. So what woman can a man count on?”

The question endures, why then the title: "Why I Want Donald Trump to Win?" I thought that's pretty obvious by now, as it is purely borne of schadeunfreude. I don't think Mitt Romney went far enough in his condemnation of the sheer absurdity of Donald Trump's candidacy and I completely disagree with his later comments about Hilary Clinton. 

As a collector of shiny objects and gilded trophies, with his penchant for self-promotion, the presidency represents the most illusive and the ultimate prize for Trump's greatest bragging rights. I am really perplexed by his popularity in America, baffled that anyone with a brain and a conscience could support him. Do they actually see what l see? Mitt Romney also called upon Trump to release his tax records and the tapes of a private interview with the New York Times. "He [Trump] will never, ever, never release his tax returns. He has too much to hide," Romney said. Nor his medical records, I'd imagine.

In a crowded field of the most inept oiks, religious extremists, fear-mongers, zealots, naked racists, dishonest hypocrites, controversially superstitious hicks, stone cold narcissists and plain old ignoramuses, —Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Ben Carson, Chris Christie, Rand Paul—and many who surrendered along this travestied sojourn to the republican nomination, Trump has repeatedly trounced his opponents by sucking the oxygen out of their candidacy. He has fought the dirtiest fights, used the filthiest language, caused the greatest offences and cruised his way into victories through disgusting theatrics. 

Trump is about one of the vilest men that ever walked the earth.  He has no integrity. His fellow GOP candidate got him spot on: If Donald Trump had not inherited $200 million from his father, he'd be a conman selling pencils from a cup, in a street corner in NY. He is endemically corrupt and plainly disingenuous. The world has seen through his maniacal machinations as one of the worst politicians that ever disgraced the platform spectacle of US politics. Perish the thought, that such a fraud could be the next POTUS.

With an ego the size of planet earth, this smarmy narcissist is in for a rude shock when Hilary Clinton would have humiliated him with a crushing defeat come November 2016. I cannot wait to see the ugly face of this sick, arrogant freak and self-inflated wazzock deflated into a flaccid version of his bloated self. He represents everything I hate in a person: selfishness, greed, bigotry, narcissism, dishonesty, lack of integrity, callousness... My predictions are that Trump will be trounced by Hilary Clinton if he ever became the Republican nominee, that's why I want him to win. I want to see Trump drowning in his own drool. Mrs Clinton is a first class diplomat, an intelligent woman and a skilled politician - a far superior public figure than Trump will ever be. When Trump finally slumps like the dumb Humpty Dumpty that he really is, he'll revert to the humiliated wannabe that was once written off as a farce in a   Vanity fair article about Trump divorce-prenup-marie-brenner in 1990. At the end of this race, hopefully, this political clown will disappear into the canyons of obscurity to the fizzing sound of his deflating ego.

donald trump dancing gif The Political Clown Dumbass Trump

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